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who is Animosave ?

The objective of the Animosave association is to step in as a last hope to life for dogs and cats that find themselves in the pound and whose expiration dates have come and, consequently, are on euthanasia list.

Same applies to equines who -for lack of other options- find themselves in the hands of horse meat merchants and are headed to slaughterhouses.

Our association can intervene and save some of them by setting up a "rescue kitty" where different people contribute sums of money of their choice so that the amount needed for the animal to evade the imminent danger of being put down is reached.


The animals are then placed under foster care until they are adopted under the control and supervision of our association.


Some animals go through the shelter, either because their care is more extensive than expected or because they require special rehabilitation. 


The shelter already having an operating cost (food, care, maintenance of equipment, expansion of structures...) does not have the financial means to take care of these animals.


The kitties therefore take into account the following aspects: release from the pound + identification, spaying and neutering, vaccines + boosters.


Special care is also required sometimes

(kennel cough, injuries...).


For equidae it is a question of buying them back from horse dealers, and very often these equidae (horses, donkeys...) are either old, or cannot be ridden, or have some health problems, and are intended for the meat trade.


Thanks to a support community that intervenes every day to rescue some of the animals, several lives are saved every day ♥


Different payment methods are available to you: CB - Paypal - Check - Bank transfer - Western Union.


For more information, please contact us:


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♥ THANK YOU to the 80 supporters who joined us ♥
1 € / month only to pair handicap animals ♥ est une Association Loi 1901 - RNA : W062009821

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